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Duct Cleaning Affordable Cost in Melbourne

Allergens and dust particles can easily spread in your home or office if you don’t clean your ducts. When you notice odd smells in the air or any other health concerns, it’s probably time to get a Duct Cleaning Melbourne contractor to fix the problem. The average cost of duct cleaning varies from $350 to  $500  depending upon various factors, but having your vents cleaned every 1-3 years can make your entire household more energy-efficient and lead to better air quality.

Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

How much does it cost to have your duct cleaned?

Duct cleaning cost depends on many factors including:

  • The size of ducts
  • Duct material
  • The quantity of ductwork
  • Ducts are residential or commercial
  • Condition of ducts
  • Eco-Friendly Duct Cleaning
  • Mould growth inside the ducts

Unfortunately, the Best duct cleaning industry has a close association with scams. You can find many companies charging $90 to $100 for cleaning your ducts, don’t fall for them. These are the traps fraud companies are using. Once the work is done, they ask much more than what they have quoted at the time of booking. Thus, it is important to do your homework before hiring a duct cleaning company. Also, look for the customer’s feedback about the company that tells you about their reputation in the market.

Below we have mentioned the price list for our duct cleaning services to share an estimate. The actual prices will be quoted after the complete inspection of duct systems.


Best duct cleaners

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I have today cleaned my central duct heating system, Ian really impressed as all the team members of Ducted Heating Cleaning are highly friendly and professionals to handle their job.
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