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If you want that your heating system runs efficiently and distributes contamination free air throughout the house, Ducted Heating Cleaning is here at your service. Our licensed and certified duct cleaners make sure that the air ducts at your home are clean and are not harboring and breeding insects and microorganisms inside. Keeping the ducts cleaned means less dirt and germs inside the air and you are assured that your family is breathing fresh air.

The heating systems are specifically designed to work inside closed buildings, the heated air is supplied inside the rooms through ducts and vents but the accumulation of dirt inside the vents causes dirty air to circulate and makes the family members diseased. One of the best solutions to get rid of it is to get them cleaned or repaired by professionals.

Ducted Heating Cleaning Fairbank
Ducted Heating Cleaning Fairbank

Reasons to Get You Heating System Cleaned Before Winters

Our certified duct cleaners strongly advise to get your heating air ducts cleaned so as to make them running efficiently and especially due to following reasons:

  • In winters, you and your family members are going to be indoors most of the time. So, you will want that most of the time your rooms to be insulated and for this, the ducts of your house should be functioning well.
  • Heated ducts are generally placed lower because the warm air is thinner and moves in upward directions. To facilitate the movement of air, the ducts are placed in a lower position. Imagine how much crumbled food, dust, and other contaminants may settle on your air ducts, thus blocking them.
  • The heating ducts are prone to accumulate debris because of their functionalities. As winter approaches, getting the heating ducts cleaned become a necessity so as to breathe clean and fresh air.
  • Cleaning the ducts before winter reduces the chances of prolonged illness. Removing the dirt and the allergens from the indoor air give a chance to the lungs to recover fast and stay healthy.

Our Quality Endorsed Services

Ducted Heating Cleaning Services strongly recommends regular cleaning and repairing of ducts if there are faults in it before winter approaches. Some of our duct cleaning services in Fairbank are as follows:

  • Cleaning of HVAC and its sanitation.
  • Air ducted and central duct system cleaning.
  • Floor and ceiling duct cleaning.
  • Deodorizing and sanitization of ducts.
  • Cleaning of ducts infested with vermins
  • Duct return vent cleaning.
  • Repairing of Furnaces.
  • Radiant Heat Repair.
  • Space Heater Repair.
  • Furnace installation, maintenance and replacement.
  • Air Ducted Heating Cleaning
    Air Ducted Heating Cleaning

Our Other Duct Cleaning Services

We provide an array of other duct cleaning services in Fairbank including:

  • Ducted heating and cooling unit installation
  • Filter exchange service
  • Air handling unit cleaning
  • Central duct cleaning
  • New duct installation
  • Vent duct cleaning
  • Wall split system unit cleaning and servicing
  • Evaporative cooling cleaning and a lot others!

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Feeling warm is one of the best things that everyone wants in winter and no one wants to take it for granted. We work endlessly to ensure that your heating system is working perfectly and your home is getting that kind of heat that it should in winters. We adopt the following process while cleaning air ducts:

  • Inspection

    We start the process by routine inspection of the ducts for the presence of cracks or faults. They also access leaks and the areas where there is maximum dust build up.

    Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Service
    Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Service
  • High-end tools

    To access the inside of the ductwork the professionals of our company utilize tools that help in the cleaning of the ducts. The tools that our technicians utilize are:

    • Imaging Devices: we use a collection of imaging devices such as still camera, CCTV cameras, mirrors etc. that tell us how dirty are ducts from inside, are there any faults that require repair or not. We also use cameras that are to know the condition of the hard to reach areas of the duct.
    • Other Hand tools: these include brushes, periscopes and mirrors and other pneumatic tools to clean the ducts.
    • Sanitizers and chemicals: For ducts that have mold growth inside and that has a persistent stale odor in them, we use sanitizers to remove the contamination.
    • We use a vacuum so as to collect the dust and debris.
    • Additionally, we use a manual or a power brush to scratch out the stuck debris from the walls of the inside of the ducts.
    • We then collect the dust in huge bags.
    • Deodorization

      Next is the deodorizing action that makes the ducts free of the offensive odors. During the cleaning procedure, the technicians also clean the filters and the furnaces.

      Heater Duct Cleaning
      Heater Duct Cleaning

    DIY Ways to Maintain Air Ducts

    You can also adopt DIY duct cleaning methods at areas where you can reach easily.

    • For cleaning, you can use household cleaners such as bleach and water.
    • Just wipe the walls of the duct with a cloth. The method will remove some of the dirty spores and will increase the flow of air through the ducts.
    • You can also use sealants to seal the duct if you see any cracks and faults in the ducts.
    • You can also use sanitizers to reduce the growth of mold and allergens inside the ducts.

    However professional cleaning cleans the ducts perfectly as they are experts in their field. Additionally, they also use outdoor ventilation system for better cleaning.

    Our Goal

    Our heating and cooling contractors and the services delivered by them have taught us how important HVAC system and its working is. We evaluate your needs and recommend the necessary equipment and the method that is best suitable for your heated ducts and their cleaning process. Our goal is to keep the customer ahead of the transactions. We always show integrity and respect to our customers.

    Duct Heating and Cooling Maintenance
    Duct Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    There are reasons why you should choose to hire us. Some of them are:

    • We provide both residential and commercial duct cleaning
    • We have in-house duct cleaning engineers and experts
    • Our experts deal with a range of duct cleaning services including the likes of kitchen exhaust cleaning, duct repair, carbon monoxide testing and others
    • We are available readily
    • You can choose your own time slot
    • All our cleaning services are guaranteed and insured

    Thus, if you are looking for best heating duct repairing company then look no further than our company for healthy and dependable services!

    Ducted Heating Repair
    Ducted Heating Repair `

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    I have today cleaned my central duct heating system, Ian really impressed as all the team members of Ducted Heating Cleaning are highly friendly and professionals to handle their job.

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    The supplementary services for air heating duct cleaning services they gave including duct sanitisation and duct deodorisation. their technicians are quick, learned, dependable and affordable! Excellent service.

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