What is Your Duct Cleaning Procedure?

Our cleaners use an effective method to clean the ducts. Our duct cleaning procedure is as follows:

  1. Duct Pre-Inspection – Firstly our cleaners will inspect the ducts carefully. If there is any repair required, they will inform you about it.
  2. Duct Deep Cleaning – After inspection, our well-trained cleaners will clean every single part of the duct individually. They remove all parts of the duct and clean them separately. Our Duct Deep Cleaning involves cleaning motor fans, vent grills, heating fan, filters, and air grills.
  3. Duct Sanitizing – Once our cleaners are done cleaning your ducts they sanitize duct thoroughly for a complete cleaning solution. Santizinging ducts will make your duct hygienic.
  4. Duct Post-Cleaning Inspection – At the end, our cleaners will do a duct post-inspection to ensure that your ducts are cleaned thoroughly.