Duct Cleaning and Seasonal Allergies: Reducing Symptoms and Improving Comfort

The quality of our health and fitness is often determined by the quality of air surrounding us. This would mean not just the outside air but also the air inside your home. This air gets affected by seasonal changes, your home activities and the effects of outsiders, and the home maintenance you do. The summer seasons bring in a lot of particles and these settle on various surfaces. In winter the particles remain gathered and crowd around vents and air ducts. These are vital components of your HVAC system that assures you cool and hot air according to seasonal needs. Engaging duct cleaning Melbourne specialists cleans out these suspended particles and other pollutants from air ducts, improving air quality removes allergy-causing microbial agents.

The Need for Ductwork Cleaning

Air ducts when clean improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit. However, they become inundated with dirt, debris, and dander that lead to adverse health symptoms and allergies. Cleaning ducts decreases the risks of all this from your home. Clean air ducts promote hygienic and fresh indoor air which is something you would want. As a regular habit as part of home maintenance scheduling yearly, it is helpful to include duct cleaning Melbourne specialists to have a thorough cleaning.
Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How do Allergens Settle Inside Your Ductwork?

If you do not have the habit of calling duct heating cleaning Melbourne experts at periodic intervals your ductwork gets dirty progressively. Suspended particulates accumulate and when you are on your cooler or heater, the collected contaminants move from your air ducts and spread inside your indoor air triggering allergies. So when you observe more allergies, know that you need to clean your air ducts. If you observe when you blow out the dust in your home, more seems to settle in and blow back to you. This is all due to clogged air ducts which should set off alarm bells in you.

Contaminants and Allergens Circulating or Settling In Your Air Duct

When we speak about allergies it usually involves the upper respiratory tract of our bodies. While allergies can happen to anyone but they seem to specifically hit the sensitive, the immunity challenges the elderly and children too. Often they have sneezing fits, coughs, wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, choked nasal cavities, breathing discomfort, and asthma-like symptoms. Having a prior understanding of the presence of allergens in your ductwork can help you take measures to avoid the ill effects on your health and those of your family. Each allergic agent produces different reactions and identifying them can help you remove them soon. Allergens that frequently gather in air ducts are-

Mold: Molds need moisture or humidity to thrive. They are often noticed in damp and dark places chiefly bathrooms, shower spaces, AC vents, attics, garages, or wall cavities. These get drawn inside air ducts and circulated causing nagging health issues.

Dander: This is a common cause of allergies in people especially the ones prone to allergies. This is dead skin or scale of pets and pests that float in the air and start triggering allergies.

Dust mites: Dust mites cannot be avoided and if you have upholstery, curtains, or carpets, dust mites would be there. They feed on dead skin remains that we shed and their waste causes allergies in us.

Pollen from flowers: These float in the air and drift inside our homes through open spaces, doors, and windows, causing allergies.

Smoke: The air around you has smoke particles contributed from tobacco, fumes from cleaning solvents, and of course from the grease and oils of culinary activities. This gets inside the ductwork and flows back into the air with dirt and creating health risks.

Toxic pollutants: Sometimes chemical compounds and other noxious elements get released from paint and varnish and other household works that go on and get inside the ductwork and then cause allergies.

Hiring Duct Cleaning Melbourne Specialists to Combat Allergies

Once you hire duct cleaning Melbourne experts you benefit by

Absence of Odor:

The persistent unpleasant smell you were experiencing will be removed as air ducts become free from rats, mold, pests’ feces, and other contaminants.

Eliminate Excessive Dust from Surfaces:

Dirty ductwork causes more dust to settle on surfaces of your home increasing allergies and stress to dust. Cleaning air ducts removes all this and you have less dust settling on surfaces.

Fresher Indoor Air:

The indoor air that was feeling heavy and difficult to breathe in feels lighter and fresher after air duct cleaning with all pollutants removed.

Better Output from Your HVAC Machines: 

Clogged air ducts cause the HVAC unit to exert more pressure to perform itself to full capacity. In doing so it might put itself through wear and tear and consume more electricity raising your costs. But a ductwork cleanup revives the HVAC system’s efficiency and brings down energy usage and gives you less worry over bills.

At day end for a better home environment, a more efficient HVAC system and to avoid allergies, duct cleaning is a very useful option and you benefit all the way.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia