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Duct Cleaning Special Prices Available At Ducted Heating Cleaning

Welcome to Ducted Heating Cleaning. We have brought a special offer for all our customers. We are providing duct cleaning services for your home or office at just $450 onwards. We understand that duct cleaning prices are soaring high nowadays and our special offer will help you save some money. Our expert duct cleaning technicians are ready with a duct cleaning special offer. For other duct cleaning agencies, the prices start from $600 and go up to $1000 but with us, you are getting an amazing discount on our prices. So, hurry up and avail of this offer before it gets too late.

Ducted Heating & Cooling Cleaning Melbourne

Duct Heating & Cooling Cleaning Special offer !!! AC Duct Cleaning just $20 per Central Vent Duct Cleaning, We Remove dead rodent & odour from your Duct Cooler and fresh air guaranteed.

Central Ducted Heating & Cooling Cleaning for $145 – 7 Duct Vents

AC Duct Cleaning for $200 – 10 Duct Vents

Evaporative Duct Cooler Cleaning – 30% Discount

Emergency or Same Day Service No Extra Fee

Duct Repair – 20 % Discount Valid for this Summer Only

Summer Special just Duct Cleaning Heating & Cooling Service $20 per Duct Vent Cleaning

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Benefits of Ducted Heating Cleaning

  • Central Duct Cleaning allow fresh and remove Bad Odour from your Air Conditioning (AC) Duct
  • Remove Dead Rodent from Duct cause of smell in your house.
  • Dust deposit around your return air vent, our duct cleaner will clean the dusty return air vents.
  • Completely cleans your ducted heating system removing all dirt, dust and debris
  • Ensures your thermostats the entire ducted heating systems is working at its full efficiency thus improving performance as well as reducing power bills
  • Eliminates all bacteria, allergens, fungal matter and pathogens thus ensuring that the air you breathe is clean, healthy and hygienic
  • Experience a change and freshness in the air you breathe after the cleaning process is complete
  • Dusty odours makes hard to take breathe as you switch on your central heating. Our Evaporative Duct Cooler Cleaning remove dust completely and any dead mouse stuck in the duct work pipes
  • The return air vent duct has lots of dust around the duct. You must take off vent cover to inspect. To view dusty return air vents.
  • If you keep pets inside your home, the loose pet hair gets inside your return air vent which causes a lot of build up, this is very common.
  • Experience a change and freshness in the air you breathe after the cleaning process is complete



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Have you tried Ducted Heating Cleaning for cleaning duct at home? If not, I would love to recommend you Ducted Heating Cleaning as I am really happy after taking duct cleaning services for my central duct system at home.
- Qull

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The supplementary services for air heating duct cleaning services they gave including duct sanitisation and duct deodorisation. their technicians are quick, learned, dependable and affordable! Excellent service.
- Gayera