How to Clean The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct?

Bathroom exhaust fan holds good amount of importance because it removes the foul smell and the dust particles in the air. It helps in keeping the bathroom temperature low. It also assists in quick drying of the wet bathroom. If you are quite serious about cleaning almost everything in your home then you might also be keen to clean the exhaust fan duct in your bathroom. Well, you will have to understand how to do Duct cleaning. Once you know, you can do it on own.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct Cleaning

How to Clean The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct?

  • The first thing you must do is remove the wire connection. This will maintain safety while you are cleaning the duct.
  • Keep a bucket ready with soapy water. You must now remove the covering of the duct and put it in the water bucket.
  • Now, you must use the vacuum cleaner on the fan blades. If needed, you can also attach the nozzle so that there will be quick and easy cleaning of the blades.
  • The next thing you must do is, take a damp cloth and then start wiping all the other parts of the exhaust fan. Be very careful because the water should not go into the motor.
  • Take a brush of an apt size and start cleaning the duct to remove all the debris. You can also attach a cloth with the brush to wipe the inside of the duct.
  • Once you are done with this routine, you must leave the duct open for two hours. Once everything dries up, you can make the reinstallations and the connections.
  • One thing you must be quite careful of is ensure that the fan and its parts have dried up completely. If you do this task in haste without the fan parts being dried up well then it may cause a mishap.

What are The Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

If you are looking forward for exhaust fan Duct Cleaning then you can follow the procedure as mentioned above or you can hire a professional for the same. If you ensure to keep the duct clean at regular intervals, then you can maintain perfect hygiene in your home. Of course, it will also remove the chances of mold growth. You can even keep mildew away. Keeping the
a bathroom clean in every way would enhance health and hygiene in your house. But you must not miss out cleaning the exhaust fan duct too. In fact, you can do it once a year. So, make a choice whether you would want to do it or you want to allot the task.

Professional Service

Make sure that whenever you clean the duct area, you should be using a stiff brush. Often, the professionals have all these things with them. If you are looking for a professional service for duct cleaning in Melbourne you can get in touch with Ducted Heating Cleaning. We have a team which can help you in making your bathroom completely clean, including the AC ducts and the fan ducts. Call us on 03 6121 9084 as we cater to Melbourne with our best service.

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