How to Increase the Life of Your Ducts

Before knowing how to increase the life of ducts, let’s understand what is duct and how to increase the longevity of Ducts?

Ducts are related to the air conditioner, heating, and ventilation. They are the pathway for cooled or heated air that travels in homes, offices etc. They also exhaust air outside of the building. The most common air ducts are fiberboard, sheet metal, flexible and fibreglass lined. Let’s have a quick look to see the specification of these air ducts.

Heating Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne
Heating Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne

Fiberboard Air Ducts

They are made of compressed resin secured inorganic glass fibers. The foil face available on the extreme acts as the air barrier as well as water vapour retarder. The inner body of this air duct is fixed to restrict fibreglass from infiltrating the air stream. It also provides thermal benefits and its installation doesn’t cost much.

Sheet Metal Air Ducts

It is the most common type of air duct and it is constructed of galvanised steel or aluminium. Sheet Metal Air ducts can be of any shape like rectangle, round or even spiral oval. It is the most durable type of air duct construction because of the non-porous surface.

Care and Cleaning of the Ducts on the Basis of the Type of Manufacturing Material

You must know that the type of care and cleaning steps of the ducts depends on the manufacturing material of the ducts. The care and cleaning of the ducts increase its life. The cleaning process is complex and involves a lot of risks if done without proper preparation and information. Call the professionals to help from us and we are sure that your ducts are going to work properly for a longer time. Whether it is manufactured of metal or plastic our team will give you the best service which is certain to increase the life of the ducts.

Flexible Air Ducts

They are manufactured with a spring steel wire helix and they are sheathed in a 2-ply polymer plastic. Flexible air ducts are lightweight, easy to use, under budget and smooth to install.

Fiberglass Lined Air Ducts

Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne
Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

Some of the sheet air ducts are coated with internal or external fibreglass duct liner. The fibreglass lining serves as a significant role to avoid heat loss or condensation when the supply of the air is very cold or when there is a substantial diffusive humidity in the plenum. Fibreglass Lined Air Ducts provides sound attenuation and reduces the noise of the HVAC system.

Longevity of Ducts:

Proper cleaning and caring increases the life of the ducts. Air duct cleaning is mandatory to maintain the efficiency of your unit. During winters, Ac’s are hardly used and hence dirt and debris get contaminated. Several methods can be used to keep the unit dirt-free such as covering, cleaning regularly etc but only these few methods are not enough to achieve a better longevity of your duct. DIY Air duct cleaning is not enough so professionals should be also hired because they are excellent skills to understand the problem that are ongoing with your duct. Professionals know how to remove dirt and how to clean the dust so that it remains longer.

If you use Ac in summers then it is a healthy way to clean out your duct before the onset of summers. In case of blowers, the ducts must be cleaned before the onset of the winters. Cleaning air ducts will help you to ensure that everyone will stay healthy, safe and moreover it prolongs the life of your duct system.


It is almost vital to clean your duct of home or office to ensure that everyone remains safe by the air exposed through air ducts. Unhealthy air ducts exposesb adair that is enough to make a person sick. So , it’s advisable to remove and clean out air ducts

Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne, Australia:-

Air Ducted Heating Cleaning
Air Ducted Heating Cleaning

Having a dirt duct can play havoc not just with your home but with your health too. No one finds time to carry out the task of duct cleaning at home. Hence, it is best to hire a Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne provider. It is even better if you stay in Melbourne, as out company is situated in Melbourne it and it won’t be hard for our employees to reach your home. Our company, Ducted Heating Cleaning in Melbourne is a leading name in all kinds of cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia. We have a talented team of workers who are experts in the art of cleaning. They will make sure that your ducts are clean and release fresh germ-free air.

You can get in touch with us anytime on 03 6121 9084 we can assure you of the quality and charge a very nominal price to make your ducts clean and shining like new.