How to Tell If Your Ducts Need Cleaning: Signs to Watch Out For?

A comfortable home is just not a beautiful-looking home but the temperature within and the freshness of its indoor air. An air that is filled with pathogens, dust, pollen, dander, and fungal spores causes allergies and reactions in many of us. Hiring duct cleaning Melbourne service specialists periodically adds to improving the quality of the air inside our homes. Regular cleaning affords inspection of other components and identifies wear and tear. In doing so, you can hire in-time duct repair Melbourne services for repair and replacement and prevent future risks.

Now many of you would wonder how you know when the air ducts need a cleanup. Are there any signs? Yes. There are signs and here are a few to get you informed better.

Foul smell from air ducts

If you have been feeling a horrible stench or unpleasant odor constantly surrounding the indoors, yet you don’t know the source. Then, chances are it’s your air ducts. So watch closely the air registers and see whether it is coming from there. Also, you might engage a specialist to inspect and confirm the unseen bad smell.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

The smoke of dust when you switch on the unit

You might see that each time you switch on your HVAC unit, a small puff of dust gets released into the air. If your air ducts were clean this would not have happened. So if there are visible specks of dust blowing off your units with every switch on, you should immediately call in professional cleaners. This means your air ducts are clogged and full of dust and debris and need cleaning.

Blocked air filters

In most HVAC cooling or heating units air filters do have to be changed every now and then. But if you find that you have to change your air filters a bit too frequently then the problem is elsewhere as they should not be getting clogged so often. Air filters trap all the debris, spores, pollen, and other suspended particles in all seasons. If they are acting differently it’s the ductwork that needs cleaning.

 Uneven airflow inside the house

If there is inconsistency in airflow in your living room, dining hall, bedrooms, bathroom, or kitchen, there is something wrong. This can also be experienced as hot and cold zones in different parts of your house. This indicates you have dirty ducts and you need to rope in duct cleaning Melbourne service experts.

Presence of mildew or mold

It is wise if you just keep an eye on any mold and mildew growth around your air condition systems or vent covers. Dust and other debris affect health. Mold and mildew grow very fast and adversely affect our health causing breathing discomfort, and allergies. Mold and mildew thrive in a humid or moist environment. Apart from duct cleaning it is immensely helpful to install a dehumidifier to minimize humidity in indoor air.

Higher energy bills

Most of us would have a fair idea about the number of electricity bills that we have to pay with regard to our air conditioning. But if you observe that you are getting higher bills than expected, it could be because of issues with your air ducts. When air ducts gather contaminants and dust the airflow is not smooth. The heating and cooling units have to stress to produce adequate temperatures as set by the thermostat. This requires using more energy. This automatically results in higher bills. Cleaning the ducts brings down the bills.

Dustier home

We all make small efforts to keep our homes neat, clean, and well-dusted. But when you find that your home surfaces look dustier than usual then it is most likely due to dirty air ducts.

Unfamiliar noises from the air ducts of the HVAC unit

Once you have an HVAC system running in your home, you get familiar with the noise it accompanies. But all of a sudden if you hear strange noises or sounds, you should not get alarmed but call cleaning technicians to clean your dirty ductwork.

When there is no previous record of the last clean up

In case you are living in a home that is old and you have no idea when the last clean-up was done it’s best to go in for expert cleaning. Over time the system would have gathered dust and dirt and would require a thorough cleanup.

If your home is around a construction area or has undergone repair

If your home is located close to the construction project area, your air ducts would definitely have become dustier than usual. Similarly, if your home has undergone repairs or some sort of remodeling then dust and other suspended elements would have settled in your HVAC system and reached the air ducts. So just after redoing your home, it’s wise to call in specialist duct cleaning Melbourne services. If the HVAC components have also seen wear and tear and need some new parts, calling in duct repair Melbourne services can prevent future risks.

Pest infestation in your ductwork

If you discover insects, rats, or other pests, this indicates your ducts need cleaning. Pests spread lots of diseases causing pathogens through their urine and droppings. Many carry viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause disease symptoms. Cleaning ductwork eliminates the risks of developing health complications.

So while most of us now know the benefits of ductwork but knowing when to clean them is also necessary to not only preserve the length of your HVAC units and other components but also to improve indoor air quality and protect our health.

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