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Best Advices and Services

Ducted Heating Cleaning have again completed a perfect cleaning of my duct system. If you are looking for best company choose Ducted Heating Cleaning to get you duct cleaned.
- Sami

Best duct cleaners

The supplementary services for air heating duct cleaning services they gave including duct sanitisation and duct deodorisation. their technicians are quick, learned, dependable and affordable! Excellent service.
- Gayera

Big Shots of Duct Cleaning

Melbourne has numerous professional duct cleaners but Ducted Heating Cleaning offers the best duct cleaning service. With over a decade’s experience, they are the real big shots in this game. Their quality of service, latest methods, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions come at a very reasonable price that makes them different from others. I love their services.
- Cooper

Insured Bonded Commercial Duct Cleaners

Ducted Heating Cleaning is an insured and bonded commercial duct cleaner in Melbourne. I came across this company recently and have loved the way they accomplish their services. Would like to use your services again soon.
- Iris Wang

Outstanding Duct Cleaning Services

After trying a number of duct cleaning companies with unsatisfactory results, I got to know about Ducted Heating Cleaning and after giving a try to this company, I finally realized that there is a good and efficient duct cleaning company in Melbourne. Their team is highly efficient and offered us the best and satisfactory services.
- Austin

Enjoying Perfect Cooling After Professional Services

Ducted Heating Cleaning is the ideal choice for getting professional services for repairing duct. I personally get treatment from the same company as they offer immediate services.
- Oilvi

”Duct Cleaning Specialists”

If you are looking for the finest duct cleaning service in Melbourne then Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne would be a perfect choice. Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne has been providing exceptional quality services to homes and businesses for over many years now. I keep using their duct cleaning and duct repair services. They always provided me with excellent service. They have a talented and highly trained crew of air duct cleaning technicians who are dedicated to bringing cleaner indoor air to you and your close associates, whether they be family members, co-workers, or clients. Their work is outstanding and I am proud to recommend them to you all.
- James

”Top Notch Service”

I would like to thank Ducted heated Cleaning and their team for a job well done at our home last week. They did a great job cleaning out our ducts and dryer vent throughout the house. The team on site did a great job, laying down floor protection and ensuring that our home was left in the exact same way they found it. The team of Ducted heated Cleaning is great to work with as well, answered our questions and communicated regularly as our appointment got closer.
- William

Fully satisfied

Fully satisfied with the services that are being offered at a genuine price. Well trained staff is icing on the top
- Parvesh taneja

”Highly Recommended”

I highly recommend Ducted Heating Cleaning to all the people who are looking for the best heating system installation service in Melbourne. I recently called Ducted Heating Cleaning to install a heating system at my place and received the best service. The team was on time at my place. I must tell the staff of Ducted Heating Cleaning are very friendly and professional. They worked properly without any disturbance and gave me their best service. You can completely trust them when they come to work at your place as they are very reliable and honest. I am more than satisfied with their service. Thank you guys for your great service. Keep it up.
- Anni

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cleaning Melbourne

The team of Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne visited my home last month and suggested that my ducted reverse cycle air conditioning required proper cleaning. I listened to their suggestion and got it cleaned. Now I can sit peacefully knowing that my loved ones are safe and healthy.
- Ryan

"Outstanding Work"

We had our ducted heating unit and 11 ducts cleaned by their service a very nice, helpful, energetic workers the next time we have had it cleaned by this company in 4 years. They took 2 hours to clean the unit and ducts and sanitise thoroughly. They were very accurate. Thank you!
- Sam Worthington

Superb Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Service”

When I called Ducted Heating Cleaning I was not sure about their service but when the technicians arrived at my place to clean my evaporative cooler I was amazed by their work. I am in love with their cleaning method. They cleaned all the parts of evaporative cooler properly including fans, grills, diffusers and motors in order to remove dust and debris out of the system. My evaporative cooler is cleaned thoroughly by the cleaners of Ducted Heating Cleaning. Thank you guys for your wonderful service.
- Mila

Effective Ways to Clean Air Vents

I have best experience with Ducted Heating Cleaning as they use effective ways to clean the air vents of duct at home. If you want to choose best duct cleaning service providers; Ducted Heating Cleaning is perfect choice.
- Luke

Carbon Monoxide Testing

I recently came to know about the silent killer gas carbon monoxide and was told that even ducts could leak this gas. I immediately called my family cleaners Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne and got my ducts checked for the leakage. It was done in a day at a reasonable cost. Now I can live peacefully knowing that my loved ones are safe
- Roy

Best Duct Cleaning Company

We called ducted heating cleaning company over the weekend. These guys are really professional with their work. They cleaned our ducted heating unit and return vent and turned up on the same day for the duct cleaning. We would like to recommend them to other customers. Regards, Mark
- Mark

5 Star Heater Unit Servicing

Contact Ducted Heating Cleaning if you are looking for 5 star heater unit servicing. They are the true experts of domestic and commercial ducts, ducted heating and cooling systems, heater units, and evaporative coolers. I have been using their services for both my home and office for almost 3 years now and they have never given me a single chance to complain. Love being associated with Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne.
- Leone Fenzi

No Additional Costs

I know some of the firms providing Duct cleaning services but their first service stopped me from trying any other. Their work is absolutely appreciable. I would avail their services again and again.
- Samayra

Great Duct Cleaning Service

For the regular Duct maintenance, you should go for a professional care twice in a year. I prefer Ducted Heating Cleaning for my Duct Cleaning Service. They are cost effective. You will get the value for your money. This services can reduce the likelihood of other small issues concerning with the usage of the air conditioning system. You won't get premature machine breakdown. Thank you Ducted Heating Cleaning team for your great service.
- Savannah

Best Duct Services

I am thankful to Duct Heating Cleaning for giving me the best duct cleaning services. The professionals of this company are well qualified and experienced. They are always ready to serve customers and provide the best advice to them.
- Nicolas Cage

”Best Duct Cleaning Company”

Ducted Heating Cleaning is an awesome, local company in Melbourne. The team is always ready to respond to texts or calls and they are very thorough, helpful, and friendly. We tried another duct cleaning companies no one was able to perform well duct cleaning job. I found this company as the best company. The Ducted Heating Cleaning team has been extremely helpful and continues to be our go-to. They cleaned my duct with perfection. Excellent Customer Service and remarkable professionalism established by everyone. I am so joyful that I chose this company over the others. I highly recommend them.
- Oliver

Well Done Duct Cleaning Service!!!!!!

I called the ducted heating and cooling company they answered promptly and even booked the job same day. Couldn't believe my luck that it could be done so quick. They did a great job doing all the testing and cleaning and sanitizing. Would definitely use these guys again.
- Brendan

Extremely Acknowledged

They were exceptional and very experienced in cleaning all sorts of ducts. All their specialists were approved and give the quality services that never deceive you.
- Onika

Best duct cleaners

The supplementary services for air heating duct cleaning services they gave including duct sanitisation and duct deodorisation. their technicians are quick, learned, dependable and affordable! Excellent service.
- Rem

Best Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Ducted Heating Cleaning is of the company offering the best services for duct cleaning in Melbourne. My experience with the company was good and satisfactory. Their technicians reached on time to complete their cleaning process on the same day. I highly recommend them to everyone looking for duct cleaning services.
- Michael

Guaranted Service

I always choose Ducted Heating Cleaning for ducted heating system cleaning as they guarantee their service. They work with utmost perfection and make sure that your heating system is working properly. They even deodorize the ducts after cleaning it. I am even impressed by their prices. Overall, Ducted Heating Cleaning is the perfect choice to get your ducted heating system cleaned.
- Lio

Commercial Duct Cleaning

A big amount is quoted whenever you ask for commercial duct cleaning. But Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne offers quality duct cleaning for commercial premises at a very affordable cost. I have a small fast food joint and for my ducts repairing and cleaning needs I always rely on Ducted Heating Cleaning. They are the best!
- Lachlan

Expert Duct cleaning

I deeply recommend their service. We had a ducted heater, ducted air conditioner and split system cleaned. The price was remarkably cheap. They did an excellent job, They were totally trained and did exceptional work. I would surely use this company again.
- Sid

Quick Services with Great Perfection

Have you tried Ducted Heating Cleaning for cleaning duct at home? If not, I would love to recommend you Ducted Heating Cleaning as I am really happy after taking duct cleaning services for my central duct system at home.
- Qull

Keep up the good work!

The ducts in my home were emitting a funny smell. Ducted Heating Cleaning did an amazing job cleaning the ducts as well as getting rid of the smell!
- Sid

Finest Duct Repair Service Provider

Trust me, Ducted Heating Cleaning is one of the finest duct repair service provider in Melbourne. I am really happy with their service. They did a fine job with my duct. I have used their service for the first time and I am very glad to choose them for my duct repair requirement. My duct was not working properly, the team came to my place and repaired my duct within no time. Their service and the pricing both are unbeatable. You can definitely trust them for your duct repair works. They are very reliable. Thank you Ducted Heating Cleaning for your splendid work. I strongly recommend Ducted Heating Cleaning to each one of you. "
- Toni Collette


Had such a wonderful experience to have been served by them . Pleased to use their services. Happy customer.
- bhagyashree

Very professional staff

When my AC stopped working I knew I was in grave trouble. From my horrible experiences from the past I was quite hesitant to call for repairing unit as the staff messed up with my place completely and I had to clean it all up by myself after they left. This time I thought of calling this duct repair service providers and was all prepared to clean the mess but to my surprise they did their work with such efficiency and precision. I had to do literally nothing and in a very short time my AC was fixed. I am thoroughly impressed by their professionalism.
- Cob

Safest Duct Cleaning Services

This review is for the wonderful team of Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne. I get my ducts cleaned every year and for the past 5 years I have been using different cleaners with unsatisfactory results. This ear I thought of giving a try to Ducted Heating Cleaning and I am glad to have made that decision. We didn’t have to vacate our home while ducts were cleaned, the guys were punctual and quick, and yet the duct cleaning outcomes are visible. Good airflow, lesser bills, less noise, and a better functioning duct! Thank you.
- Megan

Excellent Job for Duct Cleaning

I have today cleaned my central duct heating system, Ian really impressed as all the team members of Ducted Heating Cleaning are highly friendly and professionals to handle their job.
- Willow

Amazing Duct Repair Services

There was a problem in the ducts of my home. They were producing very odd smells and there was leakage as well. And as usual Ducted Heating Cleaning came to rescue my ducts. For the last 6 years since I had shifted to Melbourne, I have been calling only their professionals for all my duct related work. This time I hired them for duct repair services and just like before we do it to perfection once again. I highly recommend them to everyone.
- John

Masters in Many.

Ducted Heating Cleaning they are masters in all type of duct and vent Cleaning and services. They extend their quality service with standardized price and with great standards. They also rank first in residential duct Cleaning in the city. they are experts in all type of duct Cleaning services.
- Abie

”Lowest Prices”

I found Ducted Heating Cleaning providing the best duct cleaning service at lowest prices in Melbourne. The duct cleaning experts provided us with fine duct cleaning service while finishing the tough task offered to them. While doing this, the team were very tolerant in guiding me to the best possible solution, without trying to cover charge me. They provide cost-effective services to their clients in Melbourne. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. In the future, I decided to select only this company for my all my duct issues. They are highly recommendable. Thank you and great job!
- Oliver

Amazing Service!

No one treats their customer as Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne does. Whenever I hire them to clean my ducts, I feel as if I am the only customer they have because they give me so much priority. All my problems are listened with a patient ear. I am very happy to have found such professionals of duct cleaning in Melbourne. Love their professionalism.
- Dorothea

”Amazing Duct Repair Service”

Ducted heated Cleaning has a great solution to repair ducts. I received professional duct repair service. The best thing about them is their duct repairing costs don’t burn a hole in your pocket. I would like to choose them in future too. Thank you Ducted heated Cleaning for great service.
- Tinny

Lovely Duct Repair Service

Ducted Heating Cleaning is well known for their duct repair professional services. They have a trained expert team of professionals to identify the issue and help you out quickly. I did the filter repaired job from them. They also suggested me many important things regarding the safety of my unit. Thank you Ducted Heating Cleaning for your great help. They provide good services at reasonable rate. I would like to recommend them to all.
- Emma

Quick Duct Fix in Melbourne House

I was told by a neighbor that my duct had some problem when I was away from home. I told him to do whatever he considered the best possible solution. He called up his duct cleaners – Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne who sent their team on the same day and quickly fixed the duct without any trouble. Even without my presence the job was done in an honest and reliable way. Thanks to you!
- Lilian Betsy Willie

Fabulous Duct Repair Services

I am too gratified to experience fabulous duct repair services from Ducted Heating Cleaning. The best quality about them is that they were active and expert to give duct repair services. I would like to recommend their Service to my all relatives and friends. Thank you!
- Ikka

Happy with Ducted Heating Cleaning

We are happy with our association with Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne. We have been using their services for more than 2 years and we have recommended their duct cleaning services to our neighbors too. Most of our nearby houses call only Ducted Heating Cleaning for their duct related issues. Keep doing the good work.
- Sydney

The best Ducted Services

Everybody should check and get the heating and cooling system serviced twice a year. You can trust Ducted Heating Cleaning for your Duct maintenance. However, it significantly reduces the likelihood other small issues concerning with the usage of the air conditioning system. They are providing services to all the suburb in Melbourne. They are cost effective. Hiring Ducted Heating for cleaning up your duct will save you from future serious breakdown of the machine. Thus you can know when the filter of the machine is needed to be changed?
- Logan

Proficient Team

We had our ducted heating unit and 11 ducts cleaned by their assistance. They have a really kind, effective, dynamic workers. It was the second time we booked their service. They took 2 hours to wash the unit and ducts and sanitise completely. They were very nice. Thank you!
- Lio

Exceptional Service

My dryer vent got blocked so I had to call Ducted Heating Cleaning to fix it. When the team arrived at my place they explained what the problem is. They used an effective solution and cleaned my dryer vent efficiently. Now my dryer vent is working properly. I want to thanks the team of Ducted Heating Cleaning for their exceptional service. Your work is highly appreciated. Keep it up.
- Alex

Feeling relaxed with Duct Repair Services

I am happy with the duct repair services offered by the Ducted Heating Cleaning. My duct heater become slower but after taking services from Ducted Heating Cleaning my duct starts performing really well.
- Whitly

Well trained people

I am not very much fond of writing long reviews but this one deserve applause, they made me feel so happy. My AC is working even better than before thanks mate for such wonderful services.
- Frankie

Yes! I would recommend this Ducted Heating Cleaning Company

We availed the duct Cleaning service from Ducted Heating Cleaning lately and we are happy to recommend it for you. We love the service offered and the way the guys figured out the issue and gave us the solution. We are happy with the service and we would like to recommend Ducted Heating Cleaning to others
- Liam Georgia

Simple Duct Replacement

I had to replace my ducts and a friend suggested the name of Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne. I called them and got a free quote over the phone. I made an appointment and the entire thing was done in a very smooth way. Thank you! – Samir
- Samir

Reasonable cost

They supplied absolutely best and guaranteed duct repairing services at a truly reasonable cost. Now, I would like to recommend their services to each one of my friends. Thank you!!
- Sid

Good Experience and Active Workers

Ducted Heating Cleaning has a really good experience and active workers to repair ducts. They repaired the air conditioning system with the best procedures. Really, I appreciate them for their active services. Thank you!
- wood

Professional Commercial Duct Cleaning

These people are truly professional and value the importance of time. I manage two office suites and thus time is very important. Finding someone who can turn up on schedule time is a great luck. The duct cleaners from Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne took pains and time to explain the importance to duct cleaning and their cleaning process. After you guys gave me a satisfactory service, I have noticed that the furniture needs less dusting. And of course I have been given peace of mind that my offices are in safe condition now, considering the increasing cases of buildings catching fire due to dirty or faulty heater units. Thanks.
- - Stephen Karakitsios

Melbourne’s Best Duct Cleaners

Certified and insured cleaners of Ducted Heating Cleaning make sure your ducts are in the best hands. I have used their services twice for my home that has 4 ducts in total. Every time they have left us speechless with their flawless service. Just a call and everything else is taken care of by their efficient staff.
- Zoe

Saved in Time

Their same day service saved our lives. We didn’t know that our ducted heating system was leaking carbon monoxide but when we hired Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne team to do the test they found that there was a leakage. Thankfully the guys were expert and knew very well what to do precisely. They rectified the error and ensured us that there was no fault at all and we could use the ducts again. Thanks a ton to you for saving our lives. – Wright
- Wright

Awesome Cooling Service

Book Ducted Heating Cleaning for your Cooling unit right today. I feel their work is good. I like the team and their hard effort. The trained and skilled professionals at Ducted Heating Cleaning have perfect knowledge to manage the task. They are cost effective. I saw the guy checked each and everything the motor, blower, drain line, operating pressures, refrigerant levels, coils and temperatures, the return and supply lines and connections. You will get the full value of your money.
- Alice