Should Ductwork Be Replaced After 20 Years? 5 Signs To Check Your Ductwork

Whether you need to replace the ductwork or not depends on the current condition. Sometimes, if not treated regularly, the ductwork tends to break down even before it passes 10 years. But a 15 years old ducting can serve you the purpose with proper maintenance and check-ups. The longevity of the ductwork depends on maintenance. So, get your tools, put on gloves, and get into the detailed ductwork checking process. Because in this blog, we will be talking about some signs that can help you to decide whether you need to replace your ductwork or not.

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 Top 5 Signs After Which You Need Ductwork Replacement

Unless you are a professional, you will be facing difficulties in ductwork assessment. Therefore, we have the top 5 symptoms of damaged ductwork that needs immediate replacement.

1.   Hot And Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots on the ducting are indicators of damaged ductwork. Inconsistent heating and cooling can lead to a problem in the HVAC system. Therefore, if not treated at the right moment, the HVAC system leaves cold or hot spots on the ducting. The hot and cold spots on the ductwork damage the quality of work. In the worst cases, you can see pollutants are going out through the ductwork. These spots create holes in the channel over a period. So, if you get any spots on the ducting, call your professional team for a detailed assessment.

2.   Unusual Sounds From The Ductwork

When you first install the ductwork in your office or home, you check everything. And there were not any unusual sounds from the ducting. Therefore, if you hear anything unusual from the same, the chances are high that there must be a problem with the ducting.

Sometimes, weary ductwork tends to make sounds with slow winds. You can repair it with some professional help. But, if you hear whistles from the ductwork, there is a chance of holes in your ductwork. You can call your expert duct cleaning professionals and ask their opinion. However, if the numbers are more, you need to replace the ductwork.

3.   Worn Out Ducting

You don’t have to wait 20 years to see the ducting getting damaged. Without proper maintenance and regular clean-ups, the ductwork tends to damage even before 20 years. Therefore, professional experts advise changing the ducting after 15 years. So, if you see any holes, spots, or torn parts on the ductwork, it’s time to call your local experts. Sometimes, the worn-out ductwork becomes so fragile that it can break down at any time. So, don’t take any risk and call your professional team for a close inspection.

4.   Insufficient And Compromised Indoor Air

Beyond repairable ductwork is the reason behind your breathing irregularities. Therefore, if you are healthy but develop asthma or any other respiratory problems, you need to check the ducting. The worn-out ductwork leaves access to the pollutants to enter your house. Thus, the ducting ends up compromising your overall health. The problem gets severe in the case of people with severe asthma and allergies.

5.   Increasing Electricity Bills

For damaged ductwork that needs immediate replacement, you will experience an increased electricity bill. When the ducting does not function properly, the loose ends use more electricity than required. Even if you don’t use them for a while, you will get the utility bills more than your calculation. It happens due to the excessive load on the HVAC system. Therefore, if you get any utility bill that doesn’t match the work, it’s time to cross-check the ductwork.

Besides these top 5 signs of broken ductwork, it will be better to hire professionals duct cleaning services for help. They have the experience and knowledge of inspecting the worst system. You will get the best knowledge about your current condition. They can also tell you whether you can keep the 20 years old ductwork or needs replacement. So, they can make the best out of your beyond repairable ducting. So, without further delay, get in touch with your local ductwork service provider and book your appointment today.

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