Some Common Indications Of Having Dirty Air Ducts

Air ducts installed in our homes and offices play a major role in maintaining indoor air quality. Ducts are widely used throughout the world to maintain the airflow and exchange of gases. It should be correct to say that ducts act like lungs of your premises. Ignoring the routine cleaning and maintenance of the air ducts can cause severe problems for you. Dirty air ducts will collect copious amounts of dirt, dust and debris.

Along with dust and dirt, dirty ducts can also harbour many kinds of allergens and contaminants. Its widely suggested that you must hire professional duct cleaning services frequently. Professionals can not only deliver deep and effective cleaning of the air ducts but can also help deliver duct sanitisation and duct deodorisation. We suggest you keep an eye on the condition of ducts if they need cleaning. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some common indications of having dirty air ducts.

Expert Duct Cleaning Service
Expert Duct Cleaning Service

Signs of Having Dirty Air Ducts

  • The best method to look for the condition of the air ducts is by observing. Lift the air vent covers and see the settlement of dirt, dust and debris. The visible appearance of heavy amounts of collected dust may require you to hire professional duct cleaning in Caralulup.
  • Another common problem associated with dirty ducts is the appearance of black mould. Black mould can affect dirty ducts and can appear as a thick black layer on the walls and floors of air ducts. The visible appearance of the black layer of mould inside the ducts is the ultimate sign of having bad and dirty ducts. Hire professionals for duct mould removal service asap as black mould is hazardous for human health.
  • Properly examine your air conditioners and air conditioning systems for dirt or dust build-up. A visible collection of dust anywhere in the coils or fan blades of the ac is a common sign of having a dirty air duct.
  • If you happen to witness an increased amount of od dirt or mud settling anywhere inside the home is also a common sign of having dirty air ducts.
  • Regular and chronic allergic reactions amongst your family members can also indicate that the air ducts are loaded with allergen.
  • Last but not the least, you may hire professional duct cleaners for evaluating the quality and condition of the air ducts. Professionals can use special tools to inspect the condition of the ducts and equipment to deliver deep and effective cleaning of the air ducts.
Expert Duct Cleaning Service
Expert Duct Cleaning Service

Professional Assistance

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We carefully inspect the condition of the air ducts and deliver duct decontamination and duct sanitisation as per need. Don’t let dirty air ducts affect your health and home environment. Hire our professional duct cleaning services and let our experts completely clean your air ducts within 24 hours.

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