Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality Heating & AC Maintenance

Have you heard about air pollution in your home? No? The truth is indoor air pollution also exists and it is worse than outdoors. Multiple air pollutants enter your home through doors, windows and ductwork. The most common pollutant found in present day homes is Carbon Monoxide. On the other hand, if you have an older home you have lead and asbestos particles inside. The continuous working ducts of heating and cooling systems accumulate a large chunk of dirt that causes indoor air pollution. So, in this article, we will discuss several ways how you can improve the indoor air quality of your home. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality Heating & AC Maintenance

Things To Do For A Better Indoor Air Quality 

Replace Your AC Filter 

A/C systems are always running to provide your place a perfect living temperature. But while you are breathing in that air, some of the pollutants are also entering your body. With time, air filters fill up with dirt and stop working. Then you call a technician to fix the issue. But, is this the right time to call a technician? No! You must not wait for A/Cs to stop working whereas you must opt for a regular air filter service. 

Do Not Miss Other Air Filters Too 

A/C filters are not the only item to be taken care of. If you really want better air quality in your home, you must check out other filters as well. Some common household filters include- vacuum cleaner, kitchen exhaust and vents and clothes dryer, etc. These filters also need regular cleaning. Furthermore, manufacturers suggest cleaning all your air filters every 5-6 months. We personally recommend you hire a professional duct cleaning if you reside in a metro city or are allergic. 

Check All Air Ducts 

Air ducts are in charge of spreading cold and hot air inside your house and provide you a reliable climate to live in. But if your ducts are improperly installed or repaired can spread pollutants throughout your rooms. With time, dander and dust gather inside your ducts and degrade the air quality. So, appoint a professional duct cleaner to circulate your fresh air again. 

Maintain Clean Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are more than showpieces inside your home. They offer you comfortable living. However, due to regular usage, the rug fibre catches dirt, dust and grime. And these pollutants eventually degrade your home’s atmosphere. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have neat and clean rugs at all times. 

Use More Of Cooking Vents 

The kitchen plays an important source of pollutants inside your home. Gas stoves give out hazardous gases- nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Therefore, whenever you cook keep in mind that turning on exhaust and kitchen vents are necessary. The more you use kitchen exhausts, the better your kitchen and home’s atmosphere will be. 

Do You Need Professional Duct Cleaning Help? 

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