Why Duct Cleaning is Important for Melbourne Homes?

Your HVAC system that ensures ideal temperatures in your home is made of many components. Air ducts are one of the most important of its parts that remove and deliver indoor airflow. Air ducts supply clean air from your cooling or heating air-conditioning system. They return indoor air to the exhaust system source. Having ducts cleaned by duct heating cleaning Melbourne services are essential for you as it maintains healthy air inside your home.

Before we venture into the reasons for duct cleaning, let us find out what unhealthy indoor air means and can do.

Poor Quality Indoor Air

Air is full of suspended particles, dust, pathogens, chemicals, and pet dander. These get trapped in the air ducts of your HVAC units. If the ducts are neglected over time, they release back these harmful agents back into your homes. Due to the presence of these pollutants, you and your family face several health risks that may produce several symptoms like nausea, coughing, dizziness, fatigue, headache, respiratory issues, breathing discomfort, and allergic reactions. Hiring duct cleaning Melbourne services from time to time helps avoid all this.

Duct Heating Cleaning Melbourne

Why Hire Duct Heating Cleaning Melbourne Professionals?

The ductwork is usually spread in the hidden areas of your homes. Since they are not visible most of us have a tendency to forget them. But they are very important for all the comforts you enjoy at home. To have a clean and healthy indoor environment, booking duct cleaning Melbourne specialists is important. Here is why –

Professional Duct Cleaning Improves Airflow

Your air-conditioning system works to its full potential when its air ducts and vents are in top condition, properly cleaned, and maintained. Your home is inviting and comfortable when you have a great ventilation system. A clean air duct is necessary also to prevent the growth of mildew and mold apart from other microorganisms breeding there. So a cleaner duct is a cleaner home.

Homes Turn Less Dusty

Most homes produce a great deal of dust, allergens, and other suspended particles contributed by daily living and activities. These over time get trapped inside the cooling and heating system, restricting airflow. This makes the cooling and heating unit work more than required and this exerts its efficiency and lessens its lifespan. By cleaning ducts all this may be avoided and you have to work less hard to keep your surfaces clean from excess dust.

Spread of Pollutants

HVAC ducts attract and suck in suspended pollutants, allergens, mildew, dander, and dust. When you switch the HVAC unit on, this dirty air is re-circulated back into all your rooms. So the longer you keep your air ducts dirty the dirtier your home would be and also spread contaminants putting your life at risk of developing symptoms.

Extend the life of your Entire HVAC Unit

When you hire duct heating cleaning Melbourne service experts the technician first does a full inspection of your HVAC system including air ducts before proceeding to clean it. While he checks the system you also observe other components including the ones that need repair, replacement or have loose endings. So this allows you to know which parts to attend to before something more serious crops up later. This automatically extends the lifespan of your entire HVAC unit.

Getting Rid of Offensive Musty Odor

Often you might face a situation where you get a persistent offensive unpleasant odor. This seems to remain even when you spray room fresheners and light-scented candles. This is a result of dirty ducts with mold and mildew growth. Once the ducts are cleaned the musty offensive smell goes away, bringing back freshness.

Reduce Electricity Bills

When we notice that we seem to be paying higher electricity bills than normal it is in all probability because of dirty ducts. Dirty ducts are due to the accumulation of dirt and grime. This impedes smooth airflow and your system has to work hard to produce the required temperatures. This makes it consume more power. This then increases the electricity bills. So keeping ducts clean brings down the electricity bills and increases your unit’s efficiency.
Since you have a habit of servicing your HVAC system on a regular basis, the technicians can come and check the ductwork to see if it needs cleaning. It is not necessary that it is cleaned always but regular check helps keep an eye on when they have gone dirty.

Key to keeping your ducts from being contaminated

You can take small steps in keeping your air ducts clean.

  • Ensure all your air filters are in place and are cleaned and changed frequently
  • Regular HVAC maintenance should be followed by check-ups of ducts
  • Use a vacuum regularly to remove dust and pet hair from surfaces and furniture

What can you expect from a professional duct cleaning Melbourne expert?

First, know that dirty air ducts make your HVAC unit work hard. This wastes energy and cuts short the life of your system. Professional cleaners put the whole system under negative pressure using a high-powered vacuum. This removes the smallest particles from the system and prevents the contaminants and pollutants from spreading. Duct Cleaning Melbourne specialists inspect the whole system, protect furnishings and carpets, insulate and seal holes if any and ensure the ducts are airtight. If it has fiberglass coating inside, they ensure it has no tears and sticks to the underlying material. They also clean coils, drain pipes, humidifiers, and fans if they need to be cleaned.

Finally, since we use our HVAC systems air ducts are bound to get dirty. But when the dirt accumulation gets in its way of proper functioning and also increases risks of disease and other issues, it’s highly recommended that cleaning experts are called. They give proper cleaning to restore fresh and clean air which is a sign of a happy and healthy home.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia