Will Air Duct Cleaning Damage my Air Ducts?


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Duct cleaning in general is beneficial if you want your HVAC systems running efficiently for long periods giving good air quality. But it’s good to make a few correct choices before booking a request. Certain things have to be kept in mind or else you might end up calling Duct Repair Melbourne service experts to fix the damage done to ducts using the wrong methods, or by the wrong serviceman.

Done correctly duct cleaning is very useful. But you like many would want to know if the cleaning will damage the air ducts. These are normal queries most homeowners would have. When you are engaging professionals, you want to know if the proper techniques are being used for a specific type of ductwork. The four basic types of ductwork are sheet metal, fiberglass, fiberboard, and flexible ducts.

Most homes have sheet metal type ductwork. These are durable and cleaned by specialist cleaners. But if mishandled can get damaged and require the help of Duct Repair Melbourne services experts to do a mending job which might incur expenses. So it is important to call in well-established duct cleaning companies who are experienced in their field.

What to Look for when you Hire a Professional Duct Cleaner?

Ductwork can be damaged in unskilled hands and also left unclean if not properly executed by the right professionals. You need to first know who you are hiring. So first ensure whether the service company provides duct cleaning or not. Is it appearing as a choice of service on their website? Do they use special equipment and techniques to clean ductwork?  Do they have long years of experience? Find out whether they have the licensing and certification to carry out such services. You need to also ask if their service team is certified and trained experts.

The best bet is to read up on customer reviews and check ratings. A good cleaning company will be customer-centric and will take 100% care and will send adept technicians who will do the job with no harm to your machine, its components, or your furniture or interiors.

Best Time to Clean Air Ducts?

Ideally, it should be done on a yearly basis. But if you spot visible signs of mold growth in your vents, if your ducts are choked, or if you have pests like insect or rodent infestation, it’s generally advisable to clean up ducts. If there is unusual dust or allergic reactions, then it is due to excessive allergens from dirty ducts.

Things to Avoid if You do not Want to Damage your Ducts While Cleaning

All homeowners want to have good-quality of air inside their homes. You might be also willing to be proactive and clean the filters and clean ducts. But this is serious stuff as ducts are a lot more. They are about pipes. Trunks, flues, and the plenum, and knowing how they are all connected and function is something you would not know. So abandoning self-cleaning would be the best option or else sooner or later you will end up hiring Duct Repair Melbourne service specialists to do a rescue and repair act!

So remember-

If you do not have technical expertise do not clean your air ducts as they are delicate and intricate. One wrong move may damage it. So enlist the help of a professional. It will save you time, money, and worry. Use protective shields like dust masks during the cleaning process. The registers should be covered during cleaning to avoid creating an outlet for the dust to pass and spread across your house.

Hire only technicians who are insured. In case of an uninsured technician gets injured, you will have to end up paying hefty treatment bills and compensation. And if ductwork is damaged by a technician who is not insured, you will not get compensation. So you end up paying for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Ducts are made of many types of materials. Your inexperienced eyes and hands might not know the best techniques to clean ducts of a specific material. You may also damage your ducts using the wrong cleaning materials. Also cleaning ducts can be messy as a whole lot of debris and dust has to be removed and transferred to another place. So one wrong step can create havoc in your home.

Cleaning air ducts may be a problem if the dirt is allowed to spread across your rooms. Air pollutants trigger allergic reactions like sneezing, wheezing, and running noses. So after the air duct cleaning, it needs to be disinfected from the dangers of bacteria and pathogenic presence. This required use of harsher chemicals and using such strong things may turn fatal if not used properly. unlike homeowners, an expert cleaner would know all the right chemicals in the right concentration to use in industrial areas and private residences. This will avoid damaging the air ducts and keep all safe at home including children and pets.


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