How To Detect If Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Duct Cleaning Melbourne is necessary and to maintain duct cleaning you should read this article carefully. To find out that the air ducts in your house are dirty is easy to know you just need to open the vent covers to look in and see if inside it the dirt or dust is present and also check the air filters to see if there is dust build up. If you see any type of dirt or dust then it’s time to clean your ducts. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional duct cleaning service and get the job done perfectly.

You can check this anytime to look for any dust build up, even after a week of duct cleaning. It should be clean or little dust build up.

Air Duct Cleaning Service
Air Duct Cleaning Service

Examining The Heater

  • Now, check your heater and see at the heat exchanger surface, it should look clean and visible.
  • The blades of blower should be clean and free from oil and other dirty stuff.
  • Look into the blower compartment, it should be cleaned and free from any dust and dirt.
  • Light a torch in front of cooling coil, the light must pass through it and reach to the other side, if the light is not going through the conditioning coil, it must be dirty or excess dust buildup has choked up the panel.
  • The fins of the coil must look straight and space, look at the coil drain pan, it should be draining and the water is flowing outside properly.

To Maintain The Air Ducts And Keep It In Good Condition Between Cleanings, You Can Follow These Tips:

  • Regularly change the air filters.
  • Keep the ventilators air filters cleaned.
  • Regularly vacuum and clean your home, air ducts suck the dust from your own house. By cleaning your house you can reduce the consistency of dust.
  • Use a humidifier or dehumidifier
  • Keep a check on cooling coil while the air conditioner is in operation.
  • Ensure that the ducts are completely sealed and free from leakage.
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    Air Duct Sanitization
    Air Duct Sanitization

Hire Professionals

If you have any problem or concerns about your air duct cleaning, home or business duct cleaning, Ducted Heating Cleaning is here to help! We have been in the industry for years and have the expertise to keep your air ducts clean so that your friends, family and employees can breathe clean air and stay healthy.

Professinal Air Duct Cleaning
Professinal Air Duct Cleaning