Reasons Behind Your Air Conditioner Noisy Operation

In summer, AC becomes the most important electric equipment for any household. That’s why paying attention to Air Conditioner problems is also important. But in most cases, we only pay attention to our AC when it’s on and functioning. When it’s off, we think there can’t be any issue which is likely to be wrong. Your Air Conditioner Making Noise When Off is one of the most common problems which deserve more attention. If you keep on ignoring noise coming out of your Air Conditions when off, you’re welcoming bigger issues.  

If you are worried about your air conditioner making noise when off, read these blogs to know the reasons behind it. 

Air Conditioner Noisy Operation

Different Types of Noises Coming From AC

Some AC noises are okay and others are not. That’s why you need to make sure the nature of noise coming out of your AC. To make it easier for you, we have mentioned a few types of noises that you can ignore as they aren’t alarming enough to keep your AC check by a professional.

Noises That are Normal –

  1. Whirring –

    When you start your ac after a winter season, the fan begins to spin after a long time. That’s why you may hear a whirring sound. 
  2. Thump at Shut-off –

    When you shut off your AC, it can cause some small thumping sound if its’ old. If it’s often and continuous, you may need to get it checked by an ac repair professional. 
  3. Popping Sound –

    You may hear a popping sound coming out of air ducts. It happens because metalwork expands or contracts due to change in temperature. 

3 Reasons for AC Making Noise When Off

As we read above, some sounds are normal. You shouldn’t bother getting it attained by aircon services specialists. But if your air conditioner is making noise when off, you should hire an AC repair professional to get it checked. 

These are The Noises That Hint Some Fault in your AC and Reasons Behind Them –

  • Hissing Sound –
    A hissing sound may hint you towards two possible outcomes; a refrigerant leak inside the air conditioning system or a leaking compressor. If there’s a hissing sound coming out of your split AC or window AC, you must get it checked quickly.
  • Clunking or Banging –
    If there’s any clunking or banging noise, it means a loose component is hanging inside the system. It can be a fan or a component of the system like a fan blade. Hire an aircon services professionals before the situation goes even worse. 
  • Screeching/Screaming Sound –
    If you hear a screeching or a screaming sound coming out of your Air Conditioner, you must get it checked on an emergency basis as it’s an indicator of every big issue. It happens because the pressure inside the compressor is too high. 

AC Making Strange Noises? Get It Repaired!

If you Air Conditioner makes noises when it is off, it means there’s something wrong about your AC. By reading the above blog, you know what’s normal noise and what needs quick attention. We recommend you do not ignore such noises to prevent any further damage. Hire a professional aircon service specialist with us at a reasonable price and get your Air Conditioning repaired. We at Ducted Heating Cleaning are available to help you with your aircon issues at the urgent matter.

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