Get Rid of 5 Indoor Air Pollutants By hiring Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Ducts and air vents are basic respirators of our homes and work just like lungs to provide us with afresh gulp of air to breath. It is a known fact that air quality inside our homes can be five times more polluted than the air outside. Common households have to suffer from a lot of air pollutants and lack of duct cleaning will lead to some very dangerous pollutants concentrating in the air we breath. Routine duct cleaning provides a clear and clean path for the air to move in and out from our homes and keep our indoor air environment pollution free. Its advised that you hire professional duct cleaning services time to time to maintain the air quality and only professional duct cleaners can take care of duct sanitization and duct decontamination scientifically. Here is the article to show you 5 indoor air pollutants arising by lack of duct cleaning.
Professional Duct Cleaning Services

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1. Dust Mites

Our dead skin cells and pet dander is a feast that dust mites feed on. Dust mites normally live in pillow, carpets, mattresses, rugs and upholstery. Dust mites are known to cause many allergies and infections like sinus infections, itchy nose, breathing difficulties and watery eyes. It is almost impossible to get rid of dust mites and many of them get trapped in our ducts requiring the help of professional duct cleaners.Professional duct cleaning services will carry out vacuum duct cleaning first to get rid of dirt, debris and dust from your ducts and make sure these mites don’t become airborne and affect your health.

2. CO Buildup

Carbon Monoxide is the most common and harmful air pollutant that can be found in most of the homes. CO is a colourless and odourless gas thats gets buildup by burning carbon fuels and fireplaces. CO is known as a silent killer and most of the time gets unnoticed, So it is important to hire professional duct cleaning services for carbon monoxide detection and removal. High-grade co-detection kits are installed by professionals and CO alarms are installed to make sure that you detect any sign of CO build up and avoid damage to your health.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

3. Radon

Radon is a radioactive gas that gets emanated from the earth naturally. Radon presence is very harmful and hazardous for our lungs and can actually cause various lungs cancers and breathing issues in people breathing in radon. Professional duct cleaning services can detect the presence and concentration of radon in your indoor air. By installing radon eliminating system, professional duct cleaners can help you get rid of radon before it can impact your health

4. Mould Infestation

Mould infestation can occur at any place in your homes be it your kitchen, bathrooms, basements or even your air ducts. Lack of routine duct cleaning can lead to mould formation in your ducts. This mould spreads by releasing spores in your air which can cause breathing allergies, asphyxiation and bronchitis and greatly affect the air quality that you breathe in. Hiring professional duct cleaning services will make sure that your ducts are mould free and stop the attack of mould spores on your breathing air to avoid illness and lung diseases.

5. Harmful Paint and Chemical Exposure

Paint may consist of many harmful chemicals like lead and acetone which can cause many problems to your health. Although lead-based paints are banned but some cheap quality paints still have some lead in them. So make sure you use good quality paint and avoid the use of harmful chemicals in its application. Hire professional duct cleaning services to detect the presence of lead, acetone, formaldehyde or any kind of air pollutant and chemicals present in your ducts and have them removed scientifically.

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