How to Check and Avoid CO in Ducts?

Air pollution is the most common cause of lung diseases and asthma. Most of the world’s metro cities have hazardous amounts of air pollution. You will be shocked to know that air insides our homes and offices are Five times more polluted than the air outside. Out of all those poisonous gases and pollutant. Carbon Monoxide is the worst.

It’s a colourless and odourless gas which may lead to breathing problems, asphyxiation and in some cases death too. We spent thousands of dollars in proper ventilation of our ducts and the routine duct cleaning but we often forget about carbon monoxide build up. We bet you don’t even know how to prevent and avoid this harmful gas. Carbon Monoxide Leakage Testing is a must for houses with a fireplace, garage or a kitchen without a chimney. Smokers at home or office too produce carbon monoxide and help in its build up.

Check Co in Duct
Check Co in Duct

Steps to Prevent and Detect Carbon Monoxide Build Up:

  1. Maintain your fuel-burning appliances, Time to time service should be done to make sure they are not producing an excess of carbon monoxide. Heavy pieces of machinery like lawn mower, generators or coal burning devices should not be used extensively inside the homes and must not be left turned on for longer periods of time.
  2. You can always buy carbon monoxide testing kits and fix it at the places where you want. These kits are highly advised by professional duct cleaners. you can also install CO alarm inside your homes. So even if you are asleep or out of your homes you will feel safe and the alarm will go off in case of any mishappening or a fire too. Alerting you and the authorities.
  3. Your vehicles should be serviced regularly, get them tested for pollution and exhaust gases. Never keep them on while in the garage or near your homes. Diesel run vehicles shouldn’t be parked in garages. If you do it avoid prolong running of their engines.
  4. Hire professional duct cleaners and CO removal teams frequently. The professionals know their work and may find hidden sources of carbon monoxide production inside your homes, offices and factories.
  5. Backyards, parks or terraces should be used for organising barbeques. The charcoal used in barbeques is a heavy source of carbon monoxide. Avoid burning any amount of coal inside your home. And make sure the coals are sprayed by water after the burning, never ever leave them burning.
Carbon Monoxide Testing
Carbon Monoxide Testing

Professional Assistance:

Ducted Heating Cleaning are a must for any kind of CO build up and production of other pollutants inside the premises. Carbon monoxide testing can be done by our professional cleaners. Our company provides one of the best Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne in town. The cleaning team uses specialized machinery and tools to detect and remove any amount of CO or other poisonous gases in ducts. We are equipped with best-graded air purifiers and activated carbon filters. This is one of the safest and easiest ways to curb CO production and the filters help filter out air and absorb air pollutants. We will make sure that your ducts and vents are cleaned and Carbon monoxide free. Hire us for your duct cleaning and CO removal.

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