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How to Get Rid of Pests from Ducts?

Somehow, pests can always make their way in your HVAC system. Chewing and digging the area, in addition to this, they can cause allergic infections to other members of that particular place. Sometimes, bigger pests including rats and squirrels get into the ducts and get expired. Their decomposition causes awful smell in and around the duct area, and may require urgent duct cleaning.

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So What To Do in a Condition Like This? 

Is there any particular way to keep pests away from ducts? How to maintain ducts so that pests’ invasion inside the ducts can be controlled?

Can We Use Pesticides for Pest Control?

If I have to answer this question in a word, my answer would absolutely be ‘NO’. Many people tend to spread pesticides in their ducts to control the invasion of pests in the ducts. Undoubtedly, pesticides can control the multiplication of pests in the ducts or any other area invaded by pests, but it can cause severe air-borne diseases to the family members. 

Spraying pesticides and other chemicals in the ducts, like in air conditioner ducts may spread throughout the space as the air conditioner gets turned on. The chemical composition of those pesticides may affect the health conditions of all the people who will come in contact with the poisonous fumes, released by the air conditioner.

How to Get The Duct Space Cleaned?

Appointing a particular duct cleaning service provider might be a better alternative. Such service providers have all the necessary equipment for a flawless & important duct cleaning. Get your duct space cleaned by a professional service provider makes you free from the stress of duct cleaning for a very long time.

Well, you can do the same by yourself in your home. Here are some steps which you can follow dedicatedly to get rid from pests at your home:

  • Turn off the power connection of the appliance completely. Be sure that the place around the duct is not much heated up before getting up in the space.
  • Use screwdrivers to unscrew the dust covers or grilles of the appliance from the walls. Be sure to clean the duct covers and grilles too from dust and other debris. You may apply soap and water for the same.
  • Vacuum the duct area with a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Do not use any toxic chemicals or reagents for cleaning the duct area. Vacuuming the space constricts the multiplication rate of bacteria and other fungi. For pests, you need to concern to remove them from the place manually.
  • For unreachable places, use broom or any other cleaning equipment. Do wear a mask while cleaning to protect you from dust and other debris.

Keep Insects Out from The Duct in The Future:

Once you have your duct space cleaned, carefully follow and consider some measures and steps to keep pests out from the duct in future. Using screen can resist the way of pests and other insects into your duct. You can use aluminum mesh screens which can be fitted easily in your vent area. 

Other considerations include keeping the area in and around the duct cleaned and sealing all the spaces and the passes which give pests and insects access to your duct.

Keep a regular check on pest control over the duct area to prevent any high damage in the future to your duct. A little cleansing and dusting off the area regularly can also control pests’ invasion to a large extent.

When to Call a Duct Cleaning Specialist?

In case duct cleaning seems a challenge to you, make sure to get it reviewed from a specialist. They are experts and deliver quality job when it comes to duct cleaning in Melbourne.

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