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How to Select the Best Duct Cleaner?

When you get your ducts cleaned professionally, you enhance the air quality that you breathe and add to its life. It makes your ducts more functional and ensures that there is no fault in the system. But to get things straight and right for your ducts it is very important to pick the most efficient and highly experienced duct cleaner in town. Only a professional duct cleaning company can do justice to your ducts and provide them with the best service without burning a hole in your pocket.

Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Now the question arises how do select the best duct cleaner? Especially if you do not have any idea about the industry or how duct cleaning companies operate then it could be really difficult for you to find a genuine duct cleaner. Being a former certified and licensed duct cleaner for more than 15 years, I am writing this free article to guide you on how to find the best duct cleaner, without falling into the traps of fake companies.

Here I am Listing Down a Few of The Basic Questions that One MUST Ask a Duct Cleaning Company Before Making your Decision:

  1. For how long you have been delivering duct cleaning services?
  2. Do you provide domestic and commercial duct cleaning services?
  3. Are you a member of NADCA?
  4. Will you provide a written guarantee for your services?
  5. Do you provide complete duct cleaning including all parts?
  6. Is the company insured?
  7. Can you provide any references from existing customers?

If you get too-pleasant answers to all of these questions then turn on your suspicious side immediately. Remember that the cleaning industry is unregulated and that is why many companies are able to lie to their potential customers and CHEAT them thoroughly. To avoid being a fool, keep your eyes open and ask for valid documents before you believe any of the words uttered by a duct cleaning company.

Dryer Duct Vent Cleaning Melbourne

Dryer Duct Vent Cleaning Melbourne

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Secrets of Duct Cleaners Revealed

Here I am trying to reveal some of the hidden secrets of leading duct companies that a customer should be aware of. Some dirty tricks can be played upon you but you have to steer clear of all these to provide good care to your ducts.

Read The Following Carefully:

  1. Cheap Quotes

    Don’t go for a company that offers a too-good-to-be-true quote for duct cleaning. Either it will be a scam or you will be bound to pay much more after the service than you can even imagine! Just stay away!

  1. Special Offers

    Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Many companies have special offers or daily deals but before you opt for any of these, don’t forget to read the fine print…very carefully!

  1. Pseudo Certified and Licensed Cleaners

    Yes, every cleaner who does not hold valid ID proof is a pseudo-certified and licensed cleaner. Don’t let such people enter your place. They may ruin your duct and the whole process could be dangerous.

  1. Verbal Guarantee

    Don’t go for a verbal guarantee. Believe only in the written guarantee provided by the company.

    These are certain points that one should take into notice to ensure they choose the best duct cleaner for their ducts!

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