Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation System Duct Cleaning Service - Ducted Heating Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation System Duct Cleaning Service

While cooking in the kitchen, the exhaust fan catches dirt and oil on its side. The stains and oil coat on it does not easily gets removed, so ventilation seems to look unhygienic. Not only this, oil and viscosity on walls also seems to be visible. Let’s know how to clean the exhaust fan in the kitchen.

Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation Duct Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Turn of Exhaust Power– In order to avoid any kind of danger, we will suggest you to turn of the exhaust power using the given switch. After that remove the fan from its place and remove all its blades and separate them.
  2. Soaking- Soak all the parts in hot water and surf for 15 to 20 minutes. After that rub it with a soft brush and then dry it using a soft dry cloth.
  3. Use of Knife- If the surf and water is not being enough to remove the stain then take a knife from the kitchen in the house and start rubbing the fan’s wings. But keep in mind that they did not get pressured by tight cleaning as they might break.
  4. Use Lemon Juice- You can use lemon juice to remove the oil spots. Take the hot water and put ammonia and baking powder in it and dip the surface of the fan for 10-15 minutes. After that brush it and clean the oil spots.
  5. Use of Ammonia Spray- Add water and ammonia to prepare a solution and sprinkle it on the fan and its relative parts. Then take an hour scraping pad and clean the dirt from it.
  6. Use of Vinegar- Apart from this, you can also use vinegar if you wish. Take hot water and put vinegar in it and make a solution and clean the fan with a brush.

Mix Baking soda and Dish Soap into a Big bowl of Water

A mixture of baking soda and dish surfactant can help to clean the filters of the exhaust & Ventilation system. This mixture will help to remove all the grease from the filters and grease will get extricated in water. This mixture will turn into a non-chemical solution that will easily break-down all the accumulated grease from the filters.

Why is it Important to Clean the Exhaust Fan

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Services

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Services

The functioning of exhaust fan is to bring cooler air inside and throw hotter air from our home/kitchen outside. It functions very well when it is new but loses its capability as it grows older and older. We can give it more and more life to prevent it from losing it strength. Oil from your Kitchen struck on the exhausting fan which attracts dust and dirt. Dust and dirt sticks to the oil and hence the fan becomes heavy. Hence it becomes slow and is not able to perform the action for what it is built for. Hence it is important for you clean it regularly.

Expert Duct Cleaning Service

Ducted Heating Cleaning is a well-known name in duct cleaning service in Melbourne. We deal in repairing and cleaning of all kinds of ducts and hence help you breathe in a better air. When your kitchen exhaust fans are clean they work more efficiently. We help you in achieving overall efficiency. They key to have well cleaned ducts is taking the help of a professional who knows how to take care of it. No matter how well you try to clean the ducts our self, you still won’t be able to achieve the efficiency a professional duct cleaning service can give you. You might end up breaking the duct too.

Give us a call now or fill in a simple registration form and tell us your requirements. Our experts will be on your doorstep in no time. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we thrive to give you safe results with our expert services. Give us a chance to prove our skills and you will never be dissatisfied with our services.

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