What is The Role of Pest Control in Duct Cleaning?

The Role of Pest Control in Duct Cleaning: How to Get Rid of Them?

A large part of peace and comfort within your home is contributed by an efficient heating and cooling system of your HVAC unit. And the air ducts of your HVAC allow the cool and heated air to travel across the rooms of your homes and offices. This ductwork is spread over a lot of concealed space and is extensive; they often become a haven for insects, critters, and other pests. These elements enter the passageways and find comfort in making a nest there. And you wake up to them when you start hearing strange sudden noises emanating from inside your HVAC unit vents. This of course makes it necessary to rope in duct cleaning Melbourne service specialists as they know the expertise of the intricacies of ductwork handling.

How to Keep Pest Out of The Ducts?

Critters and pests often infest air ducts as they act as gateways to other areas of your home, especially for domestic miscreants like mice and rats. They can silently thrive being almost invisible and yet get access to food, and nest securely. Having these unwanted pests inside your ductwork can be a huge problem, especially in winter months as they let out droppings and dander. If you are not mindful and do not call duct cleaning Melbourne specialists you will have a problem.  This is because you are increasing potential health risks for you and your family as polluted air of these ductworks circulates inside your rooms. So once you have an inkling that such critters are there, it is wise to see how you can keep them off.
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Learn The Signs Of Pests Infestation

There are subtle signs that you can pick that you have pests in your ducts. This is-

  • Strange and unpleasant odor from the vents
  • Presence of blowflies, beetles, and moths around vents
  • Presence of nesting debris inside the air ducts
  • Food crumbs inside the air ducts
  • Damaged or broken outer vent
  • The sudden rise in allergic symptoms
  • Scratching and screeching noises
  • Footprints and gnaw marks on vents and air ducts

One of the most common critters infesting your ductwork is rodents. The moment you become aware of their presence you have to initiate their removal by engaging duct cleaning Melbourne service experts. Rodents are carriers of infectious diseases and can contaminate through their feces or urine. They cannot be taken mildly and what’s more, they multiply at a rapid speed.

What To Do With A Rodent Infestation?

If the infestation is small you may try removing them by switching off your HVAC units. Next, you need to place baited traps after removing all visible vent covers inside your homes. But for a serious case of infestation that is common in winter, hire Duct Heating Cleaning Melbourne specialists. After rodents have been removed, it is important to have the area professionally sanitized as they leave toxic waste and residues. These can get inside your rooms through air circulated back. Making the air polluted and smelly giving rise to allergies and ailments. Rodents also harm delicate ducts like flex ducts as they have sharp teeth and bite through vents and ductwork affecting the efficiency of airflow and the overall HVAC unit. It is not uncommon to find your ductwork needing repairs after a rodent infestation.

How Can You Keep Pests Out?

Your home, its various outlets, and passageways are vulnerable to pests and critters looking for a quick entry. One chance they get to enter, they find a home. Here are a few ways you can keep these nuisances out-

Ensure Your Air Ducts Are Sealed:

Make sure that any holes, rips, or cracks in your air ducts are sealed as critters like spiders, cockroaches, insects, and rats get in. Sealing keeps pests out and also facilitates better running of your machine and saves energy.

Call In HVAC Duct Cleaning Melbourne Experts Periodically: 

You cannot see all parts of your ductwork as much of it is concealed. Experts have the means for proper inspection and detect dangerous areas or impending damages and also discover critter presence which is something you cannot do. So it is extremely useful to have duct cleaning professionals check in now and then, which would benefit the system and you.

Keep The Outdoor Unit Area Clear:

The external or outdoor unit should be at a height and set on a platform. All surrounding plants should be trimmed and kept a few feet away from the HVAC unit to allow free airflow and keep insects away. In winter you may use a mesh to cover the top of the unit to protect it from dust and debris.

Cover Vents with Mesh:

Vents offer easy routes for critter entry. So having a vent opening covered by mesh keeps them out. Also, take care to check lint accumulation in dryer vents as they bring rodents in.

Seal Cracks and Gaps:

Seal cracks and gaps around your plumbing lines, electrical circuitry, fireplaces, gas connections, chimneys, and walls and roofs. Rats and possums seek crawl places like closets, under floorboards, and attics to enter and hide in.

Your ductwork, though useful, is one complex network of pipes and tubes. While you can make small efforts at prevention, it is advisable to call duct cleaning Melbourne experts and has pests removed and the area sanitized.

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