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Tips On Maintaining Air Ducts After a Professional Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning is the best way to get your air ducts cleaned and to maintain their overall condition and hygiene. You can avoid many health issues and lung diseases just by hiring a professional duct cleaning service. Various studies have expressed that hiring a Important Duct Cleaning service can maintain the air duct quality for up to 7 years. As we all know that air ducts are loaded with dirt, dust, debris and cobwebs, which can lead to breathing issues and difficulties. Dirty and unhygienic air ducts will promote the growth of dust mites and also expose you to black mould. Thus hire a professional duct cleaning service today and get rid of all the problems associated with dirty ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

Some Tips On Maintaining your Air Ducts Further After Having a Professional Duct Cleaning Done

  • Vacuum Duct Cleaning

    Although Professional Duct Cleaners will remove all the dirt and dust from the air ducts as the time goes by the dust will settle in again. So it becomes important for you to follow routine vacuum cleaning of air ducts from time to time. You can attach an extendable hose to the vacuum cleaner and use to extract all the dirt from every corner and far away parts of the ducts. Carry vacuum duct cleaning on a regular basis and make sure no sign of dirt id left after the cleaning.

  • Change Air Filters Every Month

    Prolong use of air filters can compromise the effectiveness and cause malfunction. This malfunction of air filters will lead to an increased amount of dust settlement. So if you change the air filters you can reduce the amount of dust settling in Air Duct Cleaning Services. Always purchase a high-quality air filter, you can choose fabric filters instead of fibreglass filters as the latest is ineffective and cheap. Change the air filters at regular intervals and fix a scheduled date for changing these filters.

  • General Cleaning of The Home

    A clean and dust free home environment will also help in maintaining the overall condition of air ducts. If you clean your sofas, furniture and floors of the house regularly, you can completely prevent heavy amounts of dust from settling in. Maintain good home hygiene and use vacuum cleaners to clean the halls, bedrooms and lounge rooms.

Professional Duct Cleaning
Professional Duct Cleaning

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