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5 Steps For Preventing Air Pollution inside our homes

Are you aware of the fact that air inside your home can actually be more polluted than the air outside./ Ducts and air vents play a very important role in the removal of impure air and provide a pathway for fresh air to come in. A most common source of indoor air pollution is CO build up. By taking care of regular duct cleaning and duct repair we can take care of the air quality inside our homes. Ducts are often ignored by most people but they actually are lungs for your homes. You can always hire professional duct cleaning services for your routine duct cleaning as well as for carbon monoxide testing and detection. In the meantime, we are providing you with 5 steps for preventing air pollution inside your home.

Duct Cleaning Services
Duct Cleaning Services

Steps For Air Pollution Prevention

Step 1: Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

Ducts contain a lot of dirt and dust and we should always check the moisture level in our homes. Moisture buildup in ducts will be the cause of mould formation. Duct mould removal is essential to stop and eradicate mould growth. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common places of moisture. Get your vacuum duct cleaning done on time and you can yourself use extendable brushes to clean off the dirt inside your ducts.

Step 2: Air Quality Test

People always make sure that their food is quality approved and tested so why not test the air you breathe non-stop. Hire technicians to measure the air pollution index in your homes. You can also install carbon monoxide detection kits with a high gradient that can detect small to high amounts of Carbon Monoxide.

Step 3: Use of Chemicals

When using a chemical inside your homes you should read the content and instruction coming with it. Various insecticides and pesticides should be used in caution with your windows and doors open. Use mild floor cleaners that don’t contain harmful chemicals. Paint inside your homes should be eco-friendly and must not contain harmful contaminants.

Step 4: Air Filters and Air Cleaners

Air filters installed in your homes should have a high rating and should be quality approved. Air filters not only help in avoiding the entrance of dirt but also help in maintaining a good life of your ducts. There are also many commercial air filters available in the market. Buy the best air filter which suits your need. Air filters will help in controlling the air pollution inside and provide you with fresh clean air to breathe

Step 5: Greenery and Plants

We all know the importance of plants and trees. You should keep your indoors green as well. Indoor plants will provide you with fresh air and remove harmful pollutants too. You can go for a peace lily plant, spider plant, English ivy or gerbera daisy plant, all known for air purifying capabilities.

Professional Duct Cleaner
Professional Duct Cleaner


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