How To Remove Ducted Air Conditioning Vents

Are you marveling how to clean ducted air conditioning vents which have golden shade or formed rust over time and need replacement? You can start with removing floor and ceiling vents. You can achieve this by following a simple set of instructions. It helps you to clean the vents and remove any dust and debris that may have collected over time. Hiring an expert for the duct cleaning job is also an easy option. This article presents a gradual guide on how to detach ceiling aircon vents and winds from floors.

Ducted Air Conditioning Vents Cleaning

Dirty Duct Safety Concerns

Dirty ducts are the home of uncountable pathogens, bacteria, allergens that contribute to air pollution indoors. Remember, Ducts and vents are the sources of invading, alien bodies in our house. The amount of airborne allergens is likely to be higher if your home has ducts, pets, or humid conditions. Clearly this less than optimal indoor air quality is an issue for asthma sufferers or elderly people with respiratory problems.

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How to detach Winds from ceiling

As you start the process of installing ducted vents, ensure that you have enough resources. A stepladder, a screwdriver, a drop cloth, and a pair of goggles are included as essential utility items for the process. The process should be followed thoroughly to avoid discrepancy.

You may follow this simple bit by bit guide to eliminate vents with these tools within reach:

  • Start the process by climbing up.
  • Open up the screws.
  • Take the shield off.
  • Detach properly
  • Lower the detached vent carefully.
  • Ensure to put the screws in your pocket so that they won’t get lost

How to clean ducted air vents and filters 

You can opt for the following steps, in order to get rid off the air vent anomalies.

  1.  Replace the grates covering with the air vents with the help of a screwdriver. You can find out the supply vent easily by its size, that is usually rectangular and larger. This would possibly have more dust visible outside, while normal vents may have captured dust behind the supply cutlass.
  2. Soak air vent covers with warm soapy water in a bath or sink and leave fully submerged.
  3. Using a vacuum with a brush attachment extends into the airflow as far as possible, and collects as much dust, dirt, paper and other particles as possible. To catch any remaining dust or mold not removed by the vacuum cleaner, use a moist microfiber rag.
  4. Inspect for any tears with a torch, or damage to ductwork. If you observe damage within the vent, then feel free to contact a specialist in duct cleaning.

Speak to the professionals

The workforce at Duct Cleaning Melbourne will offer professional guidance and assistance in removing the air conditioning vents on the floor or in the ceiling. As a result, your house, especially your air ducts will remain cleaner and freshened up. We will provide you with every basic information regarding duct cleaning. You can call us at 0340507928 or email us at You send an online inquiry so that we can answer your issues and make sure they are addressed for resolution.

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