How Your Health Gets Severely Affected By Poor Air Quality

The quality of the ambient air can have a positive as well as a negative impact on human health. Clean air along with optimum humidity counts as a feel-good factor. In contrast, there are many factors that contribute to reducing air quality. In addition to high or low humidity, mold spores, pollens, various pollutants such as particulate matter can pose health hazards. The following points will explain the various dangers and explain how they are created and how you can protect yourself from them.

Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne

Humidity in Living Spaces

An important factor in terms of air quality is the humidity. The right humidity affects the well-being of the residents of a house positively. However, indoor air quality is not only an important factor of well-being. Permanently too high or too low humidity can have negative effects on human health. The optimum humidity depends on several factors.

 Mold in the Apartment

Too high humidity due to incorrect ventilation and heating or structural defects are often reasons for the formation of mold. However, mold can causes heavy damage to the walls, masonry and possibly pieces of furniture and also poses a serious threat to health. For example, a mold fungus allergy, disorders or infections, humans can even become permanently ill through a mold. Mold is, therefore, a bad condition for a good air quality.

Pollen Allergy – A Life with Hay Fever

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Pollen allergy is also popularly called hay fever and can significantly affect the quality of life of those suffering from it. It is especially prevalent in the spring and summer months. Itchy, watery eyes and an almost constantly running nose make life difficult for allergy sufferers. As soon as you find any suspicion of having hay fever, you must go to the doctor. If not treated, the symptoms of the allergy can not only worsen, it can even develop other symptoms such as a migraine or sleep disorders. With the help of diagnosis and right medication, the effects of hay fever can become better. In addition, proper ventilation contributes to improvement in air quality and, as a result, can alleviate the symptoms of pollen allergy in homes, thereby enhancing well-being.

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Pollutants in the Room Air

The term air pollutants refer to gaseous substances or tiny dust and particles that are in the air. These can be, among other things, smog and fine dust, which come from the outside air into the interior. Frequently pollutant sources are also in the room itself, such as in so-called VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The regular intake of air pollutants can have a negative impact on health, so it is important to avoid an increased pollutant concentration in the air.

Air Pollution by Fine Dust and Smog

The output of industrial plants, thermal power stations or motor vehicles is noticeable in many large cities due to the emergence of smog. These vapor clouds are enriched not only with harmful gases but also with fine dust. Thus, an increased occurrence of smog creates the danger of absorbing particulate matter in the lungs.

Air Pollution by Fine Dust and Smog Melbourne
Air Pollution by Fine Dust and Smog Melbourne

This poses a particular health risk, as the particles can penetrate different distances depending on the size of the body. Particulate matter does not only penetrate from the outside air into interior spaces, there are also sources for this in the interior.

Professional solutions to improve the quality of air:-

Although controlling the level of outside air quality is not in your control, you can definitely control the indoor air quality. All you need to do is take proper care of your air ducts circulating air throughout your home. It is the HVAC system which is responsible for good or bad quality of air at your home.  While cleaning your ducts yourself might be a bit difficult, you can always seek professional help for the same.

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