Important Things To Consider When Your AC Duct Gets Fire Damaged

As air ducts of an AC system are very effective at spreading fire and smoke, it can make your whole HVAC system to get contaminated. The extent of contamination depends on the degree of spreading of fire.  Air duct systems can distribute fire damage to a vast region. To deal with it in the best way, besides calling an Eco-Friendly Duct Cleaning specialist It is important to consider a few important things about fire damage in air ducts.

Duct Cleaning Service
Duct Cleaning Service

What Happens When Air Duct Damages Due to Fire

One of the reasons why your air duct has caught fire is because some of the parts in the unit were faulty. This would happen when you your air conditioner unit was not properly and regularly maintained. This led to the air ducts in your AC to become damaged and caught fire.

The worn-out ducts present inside the AC accumulate dust particles that result in poor functioning of the system. In all these cases, it is important to call a residential duct cleaning firm to take proper measures to deal with the situation and prevent damage.

Fire Damage in Duct When The System is Working

Smoke is drawn inside air vents, via the furnace sections, and circulated throughout the building or home via the supplier air ducts of the HVAC system.  If your system is operational during catching fire, then the return air duct is going to be highly contaminated.

Fire Damage in Duct When The System is Not in Use

If the heating duct as well as the ventilation system isn’t in working state, then there is a passive or natural movement of air throughout the entire ventilation system.  If the duct system isn’t operational at the time of catching fire, then the supplier and return air duct that is nearest to the fire is going to be highly contaminated.

Absorption of Smell

Smoke caused due to fire has a tendency to attract towards metal surfaces. It is corrosive in nature. When the smoke enters into the duct then it starts to cling to the metallic surface. IN this way it gets absorbed in the debris present in the duct system.  It is very important to get assistance of a commercial duct cleaning specialist to thoroughly clean the ventilation system to eliminate smoke damage.

Odor Oxidizer

After thorough cleaning of the ventilation system, an odor oxidizer gets applied in the duct.  This oxidizer naturally disintegrates the chemicals that causes smell due to the fire damage.


In a few cases of extreme level of fire damage, ducts are required to be encapsulated so as to prevent the fire damage.  Once the ducts get cleaned, an approved encapsulation is applied in HVAC systems evenly throughout the air ventilation system.

Expert Duct Cleaning
Expert Duct Cleaning

Why to Maintain AC Regularly to Prevent Fires?

To save your AC from fire damage, it is important to get it maintained and serviced periodically by the Best Duct Cleaners in Melbourne.  This will save your HVAC unit from fires. An expert professional knows the right way to clean your system thoroughly, locate parts that require repairs, find potential issues that can lead to catastrophe in the long run, and repair all present damages on the AC unit with original parts.

Why You Need to Rely Upon Only The Best Duct Cleaners in Melbourne?

There are many reasons which make a “best in location” to reign in location; resulting to the same it becomes essential, to  trust only the best duct cleaners in Melbourne as ducts are costly product, and you can only trust experts to handle such costly products.

Here are Three Reasons Why You Need to Count Upon Us;

  1. Experience to handle urgencies
  2. Assisting with tips to maintain the duct afterwards
  3. Proper Cleaning, and timely perusal

All these make a Duct Cleaning company such as Ducted Heating Cleaning the best in town.

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