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How to Clean Ducts of Black Mould?

How many of us have given a thought about vacuum duct cleaning and duct mould removal? It is hell of a job and often require the hiring of professional duct cleaning services. Whether you have just shifted to a new home or bought a new office for your business, you should always make sure that your ducts inside the premises are clean and mould free. By neglecting your routine duct cleaning you  can make matters worse as ducts are constantly bombarded with dirt and dead skin cells and any moisture or contact with water can lead to the formation of black mould. Mould is a fungus that can infest your ducts and impact your health and the quality of the air you breathe. They spread by releasing spores in the air which can spread around your home and give you breathing problems and allergies. So to avoid the growth of mould or for duct mould removal, we are providing

Clean Ducts of Black Mould

Clean Ducts of Black Mould

you a way to get rid of mould in ducts., Follow the guide given below.

Materials You Need

  1. Detergent or liquid soap
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose
  4. Air Vent brush
  5. A microfiber cloth
  6.  Cordless Drill

Steps for Duct Mould Removal:

  • Step 1: Before mould duct removal you should remove all the registers and lids of your ducts. Use detergent and a cloth to wash them clean and remove all the settled dried dust on them. After cleaning the lids you should use a long brush and detergent water to wash off your walls and floor of ducts. Make sure you remove all the dust around it reach as deep as you can and clean the ducts to help ease out the mould removal process.
  • Step 2: After cleaning walls and floors of duct you can start duct mould removal by adding baking soda to your detergent-water solution. Rinse a cloth in the solution and use it to rub off the black layer of mould. Keep rubbing till you see the blackness slowly fading away. Repeat the process everywhere you see any sign of black mould. Leave the ducts as it is for baking soda to further remove and terminate mould and let the ducts dry
  • Step 3:  Since your ducts are dry now attach an air vent brush to a cordless drill. Turn on the drill and reach the walls and floor of the duct and start brushing them. The brush will eradicate dust and mould chunks from the ducts and will help you in vacuum duct cleaning.
  • Step 4: Vacuum duct cleaning is necessary to remove remaining trash inside your ducts. Attach an extendable hose to the vacuum cleaner. Run the cleaner and use the hose to reach out to the end of your duct and suck in all the dirt and mould left inside. Make sure you vacuum clean every inch of ducts and keep repeating till no sign of dirt and mould is seen. Finally you ducts are mould and dust free jow.
    Duct Mould Removal

    Duct Mould Removal

Professional Assistance:

Although vacuum duct cleaning and duct mould removal may sound easy, but it can be very time taking and problematic for normal people. So leave it to the professionals, Hire Ducted Heating Cleaning, Australia for getting your ducts clean and mould free. Our professional duct cleaning services deliver duct cleaning results within 24 hours. With the use, of proper equipment and eco-friendly products we will make duct mould removal as easy as a child’s play.

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